Warehousing and Transportation

warehousing and transportationNeed commercial or freight transportation and warehousing near Boston, Massachusetts? Crystal Warehouse Corporation is a warehousing and transportation company NACD certified (National Association of Chemical Distributors) that is equipped to store hazmat materials and non-hazardous chemicals. Our bonded warehouse facility near Boston, is also equipped to store wine and other spirits. We are the best warehousing and transportation company in New England since 1980. If you are a chemical distributor or chemical producer, we would love to partner with you and provide public warehousing for hazmat storage and non-hazardous chemicals.

Our clients use our storage facility for both temporary and permanent warehousing. We have the ability to cross-dock and transport your hazardous materials as well as store them safely and efficiently. Our track record proves that we are committed to safety, and responsible storage. We follow all regulations provided by the Chemical Manufacturers Association (CMA) and we are OSHA, EPA, DOT, State and City compliant. We hold the following certificates and licenses for public warehousing and transportation of your hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Dot HM181/126F
Massachusetts licensed Public Warehouse, Certificate #697
Massachusetts licensed alcoholic beverage #WS-66
FDA registration #17499615658
DEA Registration #007115CSY
Licensed US Customs and Border Protection Bond #991203205 / FIRMS CODE A066

Chemicals, paper products, plastic products, alcoholic beverages, machinery / heavy equipment and other general merchandise products are the types of products and materials that our clients use our warehousing and transportation logistics for.

 If you are searching for a warehousing company close in to Boston, a warehouse Boston area facility, choose our facility to handle your needs. We are located just west of Boston / Cambridge areas in Wilmington, MA convenient to Interstate 93, Interstate 95, Interstate 495, Route 62, Route 129 and Route 38. Route 128 is about a mile south of our area.

When choosing a 3PL (third party warehouse) for your chemical distribution, it is important to choose a warehouse company that is already NACD certified and understands the nature of the chemical and warehousing industry. We invite you to tour our facilities, learn more about our clients and their satisfaction of our services and inquire about pricing.