About Us

shutterstock_357152960Crystal Warehouse is able to offer 3rd party warehousing services to clients worldwide for over 20 years. With a 120,000 sq. foot facility in our Wilmington location and an additional 22,000 sq. foot facility in Wakefield Massachusetts we are able to accommodate your immediate storage need.

When it comes to selecting a third party warehouse provider to perform standard warehousing & delivery services, you have many choices.

But; when you are looking for a partner to become an extension of your company while lowering your overhead cost, improving productivity, offering continuous improvement, and exceeding your customers’ needs – we feel there’s really only one choice.

Crystal Warehouse

Since opening our doors in 1980, Crystal has forged a record of performance, safety and customer service that is second to none.

Each and every member of our team has had years of hazmat training, safety training, ongoing equipment & product training. They are keenly aware that by properly managing the entire product chain, inventory management and service levels can be enhanced in ways that significantly improve the bottom line for our customers. We are able to offer clients a variety of options to complement their business strategy.

  • Hazmat specialists
  • Customer longevity – Our customers stay with us a long time – 15 years on average.
  • Experience with Hazmat & shipping requirements
  • Able to ship LTL, UPS, trailer load shipment
  • Container unload
  • Transportation Management & Mode Selection
  • Distribution Center Management
  • Import / Export
  • Logistics Consulting
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Site Selection

First and foremost, Crystal delivers.  At the end of the day, you want to know; was it executed accurately? Was it handled with maximum efficiency? Was it on time?

That’s our first priority – to make sure that the answer to each of these questions is yes.